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lorne_novak's Journal

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Lack of Canon Does Not Impede the Creative Process
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So here's the deal, now that the Lorne/Novak pairing seems to have a bit of a following -- and following that's actually producing things (yay!), I thought we damned sure needed central place to house it all.

We have to cling to each other for survival! *snerk*

But no, really. This will be a central place to post your Lorne/Novak fic, manips, icons, fanmixes, vids, whatever. If you can think it up and it involves Lorne/Novak, we'll take it.

That being said, here are the ground rules:

1. If it involves Lorne/Novak, it can be posted here. Yes, I'm extending that to fics that include or center around other pairings, but still have Lorne/Novak in there somewhere. Inclusivity rocks, and besides, I figure that L/N fans are happy for any kind of interaction, even if we have to read centrally themed Shep/Weir story to get it.

1a. If said story includes slash, cool. But Lorne/Novak still has to be in there. Use your own judgement.

2. Any story rating is welcome. Just make sure the appropriate rating is posted in the header, and if it involves anything that's graphic: violence, sex, language, etc. it might be a good idea to mention that as well. Again, use your own judgement and try and be sensible.

3. Icon sets behind a cut tag. It's cool to have a few icons outside of the cut tag for advertisement and enticement value, but it's the polite thing nowadays to throw large amounts of graphics behind a cut tag.

4. Meta and Commentary Welcome. Got deep thoughts? AWESOME. Have a wacky idea and want to sound it out in a public forum such as this? Cool.

5. It should go without saying, but Don't be an ass. Common 'net curtosey incuraged and welcomed with open arms. Feedback is encouraged as a general rule, but give an eye to what the author states. If they don't want conrit, public or otherwise, then respect that. No flaming.

In short, respect goes a long way. I'll only pull out the comm pointy stick if things get unruly.

Posting Guidelines:

Standard posting guidelines apply. Feel free to post a story here or to link it back to wherever you might have posted it before (personal journal, archive, other comm, etc.), but please, include the posting header.

It makes like easier for the comm visitors and for your friendly mod(s). Because yes, I am going to attempt to keep a tag index of the stories and icon posts at the very least.

So here's the rubric:

Disclaimer: (optional) If you normally do a disclaimer, go for it. But otherwise? Not required.
Pairing: (we know that Lorne/Novak is in there somewhere, right? but if there's any other pairings, list them here)
Category: (optional) angst, fluff, humor, farce, romance, PWP, etc. (And hey, if you want to come up with something new, go for it.)
Notes: (optional) Thank your betas, your friends for poking you into this, or post any "warnings" that apply.

Anything else you want to add is great too, your website, etc. Those are just the basics.

Okay, I think that's everything. I'll add and modify as the need arises.

And if there's anyone willing to co-mod, email me at zeplum@livejournal.com. Extra help is always good.

Your Friendly and Enthusiastic Comm Mom,

And now, because we don't have Memories anymore: THE TAG INDEX -- for all your fic, icon, and whatever finding needs.

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